Set5Electro, 4 Tier Display with 4 different styles of Electronic Lighters , 175 Pcs, $0.29/Pc (Copy)


Set4Electro, 4 Tier Display with 3 trays of Electronic and one Flint Lighters, 175 Lighters Total, $0.29/Pc.

100 Electronic, 50 Flint curve Lighters, 25 Angle Torch Lighters. All Lighters Refillable

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Set5Electro, 4 Tier Display with 4 trays,  3 Trays of Electronic Lighters and one Flint, All refillable,  175 Lighters total,  $0.29/Pc

2 Trays of curved Electronic Refillable, 2 Different sizes and one Tray of Flint, 1 tray of Angle Torch Lighters